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daquanwizard: next thing you know hes gonna say we're related Feb 20, 2015 12:41:15 GMT -5
JC: You're not? He already told me you were... Feb 20, 2015 14:50:27 GMT -5
Stan: We're Brothas from Otha mothas Feb 21, 2015 14:06:38 GMT -5
td: I like that person's tweet calling for a Battle of the Sexes! Its about time. Feb 21, 2015 22:28:43 GMT -5
daquanwizard: yeah but you would take out all of the physical stuff and thats boring Feb 22, 2015 11:37:36 GMT -5
Bryan: Theoretically I support a BOTS3 because of the potentially amazing cast, but it would just end with the guys crushing the girls again Feb 23, 2015 0:23:23 GMT -5
td: Not necessarily. The first BOS was much more balanced & the women almost won the final. The guys copied their puzzle which was a lesson for future challenges: Always destroy your puzzle after completion. Feb 23, 2015 11:32:31 GMT -5
td: I imagine that the women's team could be STACKED right now, too. Emily, Ev, Cara Maria, Laurel, Feb 23, 2015 11:33:24 GMT -5
td: Sara, Nany. Bring back Ruthie! Feb 23, 2015 11:33:40 GMT -5
td: And Rachel!! Feb 23, 2015 11:33:41 GMT -5
Kenny: The only way the girls would have a chance of winning would be if they adjusted the missions and brought in c list guy competitors. Feb 23, 2015 13:48:04 GMT -5
td: What did you think of the missions in BOS1? Feb 23, 2015 14:16:00 GMT -5
Kenny: I didn't think they were good...the missions on Free Agents are more of what I like. Feb 23, 2015 14:30:55 GMT -5
Stan: ima do anotha shout out to my sistas baby mamas ex's daughter Naylon. you da best SB a man can get Feb 25, 2015 0:33:27 GMT -5
Nate: who r u? Feb 27, 2015 18:37:56 GMT -5
Stan: stn, who r u? Feb 27, 2015 20:45:27 GMT -5
Nate: nte Feb 28, 2015 16:28:09 GMT -5
Alice: If anyone running games ever needs some help getting some new people for games that will be active, hit me up, I almost always have some people interested in giving a game a shot on here, esp The UC's. Mar 1, 2015 16:42:51 GMT -5
Kenny: You wanna come out of hibernation and do BB? Mar 1, 2015 17:41:44 GMT -5
Stan: you know fully well that wont happen Mar 1, 2015 21:42:01 GMT -5